Technology at UBC

Technology is the foundation of innovative products and is increasingly relevant for any kind of business in course of the digitalization process. This is the reason why we at UnternehmerTUM Business Creators are driven by the latest technology.
The key ingredients for successful business are defined by the sweet spot of innovation

  1. Desirability: Your offered product or service is solving a real existing problem at the customer. There is true demand. The product makes sense, it has a purpose.
  2. Viability: At the same time, the product must be worth the price for the customer and your production costs and operational costs are lower than this sales price. This results in your positive margin what is the indicator for a healthy business. The offering makes commercial sense.
  3. Feasibility: There is a practical way to design, implement, manufacture and distribute the product now or at least in the near future. It is not a crazy dream. It is doable.

Technology is the absolute foundation to make a product idea feasible. The edge of the newest technology enables new product ideas. Early access to the latest tech-innovation provides an important competitive head start.

Also, for the proper viability of your offering, the careful selection of the optimal technology has an important impact. Your aim is the lowest cost to keep the margin as high as possible. Technology helps to keep production cost low, allows streamlined processes and enables services with low overhead. This is where the buzzword “digitalization” steps in.

At UBC we are monitoring the most recent technology trends and maintain our network with technology drivers in universities, research institutes and startups. We identify the optimal technology to make your business idea technically feasible and commercially viable. AreUready to ”tech up“ your organization?

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